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How Fussy Are You About Torture?

At long last, George Bush is receiving some comeuppance, albeit a rather mild one, for torture, the worst of his many crimes; as of now, not only will he perhaps die having never heard yodeling in its natural habitat, he’ll even continue to have to have his bankers come to him to do business.  You [...]

Dick Cheney Channels Daisy Buchanan

One of the more despicable things about the Bush Administration, the most disastrous in modern history, is that they’re all still so proud of themselves, against all evidence.  While the two losing wars they’ve left behind continue to drag us into bankruptcy, impotence, and disrepute, count on ol’ Dick Cheney or one of his hell-spawn [...]

On The Table, and Off

Having found such a gold mine of authoritarian propaganda in the “news” pages of the poor Los Angeles Times over these last two days, I couldn’t help dropping in again for a look-see this afternoon.  Would there be yet another journalistic equivalent of an overturned dump truck in the Cahuenga Pass?  So enamored am I [...]