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The future of Internet “Representative” Democracy

A good case can be made that U.S. legislators no longer represent their voters and that our two-party system is only one-party because not only do banks own Congress as my senator Dick Durbin so honestly said, but pay to play politics owns Congress on all legislative matters. Voters like me, learned in the 2008 [...]

What does America OWE the PON?

The future for the Party of No (PON) and Own Worst Enemy (OWE) was projected by The Heel on Hag’s GOP thoughts Friday when he (oops, could be a she or a variation) The Heel posted, “My gut feeling is that the left is lulling itself into this complacent notion of certainty about the GOPs [...]

Asses and Pigs; no elephants need apply

I just can’t buy the elephant as a symbol for the Republican party. The Democratic donkey seems appropriate because members do make an asses out of themselves more than they should and many cling stubbornly to their issue regardless of whether it has any chance of becoming a reality. What the Repug character, not true [...]