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Face Plant

Is anyone besides me completely unsurprised that Facebook’s absurdly over-hyped IPO ended in predictable disaster?  As the investigations and lawsuits roll in, I think it’s useful to consider that everyone involved appears to be afflicted with Alzheimers.  Nostalgia for the heady days of and the latest (now defunct) telecom continues to addle the minds [...]

One Nuclear Meltdown Can Ruin a Plutocrat’s Whole Day

Out here in the Northwest, nuclear power has a long history of being dismissed as the kooky, plutocratic boondoggle it is, even while we have been spared the worst of the fears it understandably creates.  Back in the 70′s, when our local utility, Portland General Electric, built the Trojan nuclear power plant, its remote location [...]

Randian Success Stories

(h/t RMP’s Daily News Blast) To anyone with a passing acquaintance with the bankrupt Tribune Company that came from reading its newspapers, it would seem counterintuitive that the charlatans responsible for the current crummy simulacra of those once-respectable, if not great, papers that now land with barely a sound on long-suffering porches from coast to [...]

Another Scolding From The Oregonian

As I’ve no doubt mentioned before, my somewhat less terrible than average local rag, The Oregonian, has this weird tendency to adopt unpopular, right-wing causes, and stick to them even in the most humiliating defeat, which always culminates in a scolding editorial about how they were, dammit, right and it was the whole world that [...]

Phoning it In

I have a new Hag Theory about why the economy collapsed, and it might, in an odd and assuredly unintended way, validate that old nympho battle-ax Ayn Rand.  I think that sometime around 2001-2, the political, economic, and media elite in the country all essentially “went Galt,” and, and it seems that none of them [...]

Plastic Politics

UPDATED BELOW: More Democracy news…  or its opposite. In a stunning victory for the plastics industry that funded the initiative, Seattle voters yesterday voted to overturn a twenty cent surcharge on plastic bags previously passed by the city council.  Thus, a product so intrinsically crummy that it’s incapable of holding a box of cereal or [...]