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Obama’s Protection Racket

Back when Bush was in office, stories like the one below fell like rain on virtually every subject, and always ended the same way; some branch or other of the government would just flatly declare that its past or current actions, no matter how heinous, simply aren’t anybody’s business.  It started with Cheney’s infamous energy [...]

Plus Ca Change, and All That

I have a confession to make, somewhat reluctantly:  I’m starting to turn into a teabagger.  It’s been a slow but inexorable process that forcibly began when then-Senator Obama completely capitulated on the FISA bill during the campaign, but as the health care debacle has unfolded, I’ve found that I practically need a spreadsheet to keep [...]

who’s the worst cocktailhag in the world?

  UPDATE BELOW: NPR “Train wreck” Well, today it would be Rep. Jane Harman. That boozy, power-grabbing harridan, it seems, got so pissed off in late 2004 that she hurled a really big drink at rival Nancy Pelosi, who unfortunately ducked while John Kerry was left shame-facedly picking the broken glass, fruit, and parasols off [...]