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Those Who Would Nazi

Back in 2004, a blog commenter at Daily Kos made a video that compared Bush to Hitler, and there was a immediate run on smelling salts that lasted for weeks.  At the time I was working for a couple who were regular Fox News watchers, and they were naturally horrified.  “Really?” I responded.  “Aggressive wars, [...]

What’s That You’re Waving?

Newt Gingrich took to the airwaves today to announce what all of the beltway elite have been talking about with dreary repetitiveness for months….  2010 is going to be a “wave” election that sweeps Republicans back into power, whereupon the regrettable accident of Democratic government will be well and truly set aside for good. Michele [...]

Oops, They Did It Again

One kind of funny, and certainly satisfying thing about the conservative “successes” of the past few decades is that so many of them are still just lying around, like turd piles in the yard, that they keep getting stepped in at the worst possible moments. About five minutes before or after John McCain picked Phil [...]

A Plan That Needs a Planet

The GOP strategy for achieving its already media-trumpeted 2010 landslide is shaping up, and it has to be admired for its sheer audacity, as well as its desperate but hardly unwarranted reliance on the media continuing to be as stupid as it was throughout the Bush years.  Richard Cohen, David Broder, and David Gregory are [...]

Big White Lies

One thing we’ve all noticed by now about the right is their incomparable message discipline; as soon as one of the smarter ones comes up with a deliberately misleading three-second, fact-bereft emotional appeal, it is immediately disseminated to the minions and they all say it, verbatim, until they’re told to say something else.  When I [...]

Excuse me, but my refrigerator is running

While never pleasurable, listening to Republicans talk these days has gotten to, not to put too fine a point on it, be the kind of thing normal people would climb out a bathroom window to avoid.  Happily, it never happens, because Republicans are no longer on speaking terms with the normal, and haven’t been since [...]