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Equal Justice Under the Law

UPDATED BELOW: That’s the inscription on the front of the Supreme Court building.  No, seriously.  The part right beneath it where it says “But Some Are More Equal Than Others” may as well be chiseled in now, under a no-bid contract  by Halliburton.  The court, whose rampantly corporatist wing wouldn’t even exist without its heretofore [...]

The future of Internet “Representative” Democracy

A good case can be made that U.S. legislators no longer represent their voters and that our two-party system is only one-party because not only do banks own Congress as my senator Dick Durbin so honestly said, but pay to play politics owns Congress on all legislative matters. Voters like me, learned in the 2008 [...]

“free speech” is kind of a misnomer

Free Speech, that curiously American phenomenon, has been reinterpreted in such ways that it’s become, well, not exactly free.  You see, the kind of speech that still revels in and enjoys its freedom has an awful lot of paid sponsors, while the kind that just pops out without any corporate backing tends to be retaliated [...]