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Farewell, Li’l Ricky

Faced with the strong possibility of losing (again) in his home state, Rick Santorum has done the brave, or rather, cowardly thing and dropped out of the race, thereby preserving his all-important wingnut welfare career.  While this comes as no great surprise for those of us who knew he never had a chance, by which [...]

That’s the Ticket

Since the fault for the 2008 financial collapse lies so plainly with their own policies, including but not limited to bank deregulation and ever-lower middle class wages, Republicans have been furiously casting about for an alternative theory ever since it occurred.  Generally, they settled on the Community Reinvestment Act, a Carter-era anti-redlining law, and shiftless [...]

Splattering Santorum

Now, I know Santorum’s people are just as big of religious nuts as Rick himself, but can they really be that sheltered, too?  Have they ever used the google?  Or, is frothy brown stuff something you want to put in your ad intentionally?  You, know, to get it all out in the open right away. [...]