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Failing Up

  It would be nice to be an oil company; every time you utterly fail to do whatever it is you’re supposed to do when not busy buying politicians, your epic fuckup simply boosts your profits.  At the moment, gas prices are approaching $5 in California, due largely to the fact that the oil companies [...]

That’s the Ticket

Since the fault for the 2008 financial collapse lies so plainly with their own policies, including but not limited to bank deregulation and ever-lower middle class wages, Republicans have been furiously casting about for an alternative theory ever since it occurred.  Generally, they settled on the Community Reinvestment Act, a Carter-era anti-redlining law, and shiftless [...]

Highways to Hell

The Republicans dropped a log today that they euphemistically called a “Transportation Bill,” and to no one’s surprise it’s a monument to Teabaggery, etched in asphalt.  You see, it isn’t enough to just hate gays, the poor, Muslims, and all the usual suspects,  constantly expressing that hate in every utterance, but it turns out that [...]