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PRISON SHIPS It makes no difference what anyone says about flying these days because you just have to suck up all the airport rules, or don’t fly. Tell me about it. Having flown last week-end, just before the little terrorist wannabe tried to detonate something between his legs on a flight into Detroit on Christmas Day, [...]

“So We Beat On, Boats Against The Current, Borne Back Ceaselessly Into The Past.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Barack Obama must be looking over his shoulder as he steps up and sets forth his war policy for Afghanistan. No, he doesn’t sound sure of himself and, despite donning his CIC chain mail for a speech at West Point, he may be be projecting weakness, just as Dick Cheney, our great, snarling former vice [...]

People Power Unite; Fix Systems Not People

I was exceptionally impressed with the superb interview Bill Moyers conducted with Glenn Greenwald and eagerly looked forward to seeing it aired on PBS stations. Then, after I discovered it wasn’t airing Friday night, I learned to my chagrin that it was a Web Exclusive Conversation. Even though Glenn posted it almost immediately on his [...]


I saw my VA health man the other day, to talk about my meds – including weighing the pros and cons of going on a cholesterol-lowering drug; plus I asked for an eye exam and had blood drawn. Everything looks good.  I’m in the pink. On the way out the door, I got a couple [...]

Fingers in the Dike

Since I’m going to LA next week, I’ve been dropping into the LATimes website more often, and scrolling past the usual horsemen of LA apocalypse, like wildfires and, well, rain, it seems there’s always a story about another water main break, some of them quite spectacular.  Of course, this depressing phenomenon is familiar in many [...]

Imagine a world where everyone only can tell the truth

I became a glass half full guy when I was trying to figure out in my childhood living with a mentally ill, bipolar mother how I could be such a delight one moment and the dirty devil the next. Deep down I believed my mother loved me. I wanted to find a way to accept [...]

The future of Internet “Representative” Democracy

A good case can be made that U.S. legislators no longer represent their voters and that our two-party system is only one-party because not only do banks own Congress as my senator Dick Durbin so honestly said, but pay to play politics owns Congress on all legislative matters. Voters like me, learned in the 2008 [...]

Could Orwell Have The Last Laugh? – Ignoring Our Bright Future As It Flashes By

William Saletan who writes the Human Nature column for Slate said in a prescient article in NYT’s Sunday Book Review You: The Updated Owner’s Manual, “The most powerful revolutions of our age aren’t happening in Washington, the Muslim world or the global economy. They’re happening in science and technology. At a pace our ancestors couldn’t [...]

Three Teens Attacked Me

While I was manning our Dem booth at the County Fair yesterday, I was approached by three white teens about 12-15 years old. They immediately started attacking me with Repug mantra charges about Obama, we had a life-sized poster for pictures image of him in our booth, health care and taxes. They also were praising [...]

Asses and Pigs; no elephants need apply

I just can’t buy the elephant as a symbol for the Republican party. The Democratic donkey seems appropriate because members do make an asses out of themselves more than they should and many cling stubbornly to their issue regardless of whether it has any chance of becoming a reality. What the Repug character, not true [...]