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A Thimble in the Ocean

Fareed Zakaria, on CNN: This whole discussion is a terrible example of how the media can trivialize political discussion. The presidency is a serious job, the most serious job in the country. And here we are, asking the man to dress the part, to play-act the emotions. Give us satisfaction by just doing something, even [...]

Oil and Trouble

I remember being startled to read in a science fiction novel that, in its imagined future, oil long since had been abandoned as an energy source because of the unacceptable risks involved with its extraction, transport, and burning.  Just like that.  Too bad such irrefutable logic escapes us still (the book was written in the [...]

Freaky Friday

I was initially too lazy to post today, but then I started trolling the intertubes, and danged if I just couldn’t help myself.  The stupid is really burning today. For example:  Rand Paul Now lil’ Rand is considerably more attractive than his Papa, which couldn’t hurt (except for that unfortunate white-fro on the top of [...]

Oil Is The New Greece

Amid the happy talk about that boring old oil spill that is, according to the media, practically gone anyway, a few plutocratic asses let out some pretty ripe one-cheek sneaks over the past day or so, and the room has gotten awfully humid and stinky.  Remember Moody’s?  The bond rating service that thought CDO’s were [...]

Murphy’s Law

I was pretty young when first I heard about Murphy’s Law, but a lifetime of experience has shown me that it is as inescapable as, say, gravity, and the only way one can ever manage complex tasks is to always plan for the worst case scenario; it’s one’s only hope that it might not occur. [...]

Terror To The Rescue!

In the dog years of the media, the “good old days” were back in 2001,when one and all wore flak jackets, talked tough, and blathered on in the most maudlin yet bloodthirsty way, and despite the fact that they were providing such ghastly television and worse journalism, everybody watched.  They mattered, which is important if [...]

Shopping Around… In Circles

Perhaps the most pernicious myth about the wonderful “free market” is how a person of conscience, in the obvious absence of viable alternatives, can supposedly “vote” with their dollars, thus magically driving out bad actors without the overweening schoolmarm of government sending anybody to detention.  The trouble with this notion is that consumer choice is [...]

Butt Salad*

Now, if I were a Democrat, I would be looking at 2010 like a fat person at a just-opened buffet, but what do I know?  In the last couple dozen hours or so, “Drill, Baby Drill,” has been turned into an earth-shattering disaster, the Wall Street boys have been forced to open their lying mouths [...]