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Out of Pellets

Yesterday Glenn Beck compared health care reform to, among other things, the New Deal (which is only scary to his Social-Security drawing audience, natch..) and, get this– Pearl Harbor.  Now, really.  Obama has nearly three years left in office; what, in heaven’s name, is Beck going to invoke next?   Not that anyone in his [...]

SOGOPs how do you get out of this outhouse? Your health is at stake!

The Repugs have been sent to Obama’s outhouse to Shit Or Get Off the Pots. They know it and are now wiggling like crazy to free their dumb asses. The stink the GOPers drop into American political discharge has not reached enough Americans, but if Obama’s long-term plan works, it will reach them before voting [...]

Another Temper Tantrum

Probably the dumbest act in American political history was Al Gore’s choosing Holy Joe Lieberman as his running mate in 2000.  If I were Tipper, I would still be withholding sex for that one.  Why, pray tell, would anyone choose a corrupt, midget slimeball for a running mate whose sole qualification was his prim, Defense [...]

MTP Disgraces Itself Once Again this Morning Just for Ratings

Since David Gregory took over MTP his ratings have gone down to the point that two weeks ago the unheard of happened and ABC’s This Week won the ratings battle. So MTP is searching for ways to win the week to week battle which they won last week. In their promo for this morning’s show [...]

Danger Alert: The Right, White Christian Apocalypse No Longer Hereafter

Rachel Maddow has done a superior job of connecting the dots behind the town hells. Last night she had a seven minute scary discussion (at the 8-minute point) with an insider, Frank Shaeffer, who deeply regrets helping his father create a dangerous monster that is running amuck to kill for the health industry real health [...]

Why Repugs Drive Hag to Drink

Yesterday, the Hag was driven to drink because the Repugs, “In just a few weeks they have cemented in the media and the public consciousness the astoundingly ironic notion that racism is now something only those self-evidently inferior brown people still cling to and must publicly renounce; we superior whites having left that old thing [...]