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The New Miss Manners

Well, ol’ Howie Kurtz has finally weighed in on the firing of Helen Thomas, and boy is it a doozy.  (Not doozy in the sense of surprising, natch…).  He argues, ostensibly more in sorrow than envy, that Helen had become a crazy old aunt overdue for the attic that, get this, only lasted this long [...]

the perfect moment

Well, it seems that for at least the dozenth time, the Government is going to wait a bit longer to release the torture documents it’s been sitting on, like a proud and protective hen, for all these years.  The only difference is that all this determined sitting is supposed to prevent, rather than promote, any [...]

Helen Speaks

One of the things I do in my free time, besides write this blog and drink to excess, is write the occasional love letter to Helen Thomas.  Now, I don’t like to bother her.  I only do it when she says something so typically transcendent and BS-cutting that I just can’t resist….  Like she did [...]