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Dark Days

Watching this speech, I realized two things:  1) Why insecure and compromised Western governments can’t not go after Julian Assange, and 2)  Why those Swedish tarts wanted to get naked with him.   Heck, by 1:08 or so I wanted to have his baby.  I know the speech is long, but I heartily encourage everyone to [...]

Book Saloon: Jesus Plus Nothing

In Jeff Sharlet’s disturbing book, The Family,  Family leader Doug Coe describes his group’s philosophy as “Jesus plus nothing,” and he and his followers repeat this nonsensical mantra as though it meant anything.  Actually, it means a lot of things, but if Jesus were to find out what they were, he’d be suing for libel. [...]

America needs immediate treatment for its AA addiction to itself

American Arrogance not only leads us into unnecessary wars and other international disasters it also means our execution of these failed-from-the-start missions is woefully inadequate. That’s because Americans continue to insist that they are superior to everyone else in the world. When you are superior that means you know better than those inferiors you are [...]

Who’d a thunk?

CHNN NEWS FLASH! Karl Rove said something truthful…  I hope you’re sitting down.  He called Maureen Dowd, among other true things, “bitter, deranged, snarky, nasty,” and such.  All true, but Karl being Karl, then he lied, when he said her nastiness was aimed only at conservatives, something that would surely make the Clintons gawk in [...]