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He Made The Bed, And It Has Santorum In It

I don’t know what it is that makes Rick Santorum so uniquely repulsive, but the following quote from today’s Republican debate might be part of it: When asked what he would do if one of his sons revealed he were gay, Santorum replied, “I would love him as much as I did the second before [...]

If you ask me President Meanswell, I will tell (you), stop discriminating NOW!

By Retired Military Patriot (RMP) Barack Obama knows that the U.S. highly discriminatory Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy is archaic, homophobic and morally wrong. Military organizations in Europe and around the world have long since dropped any pretense of believing that an open gay or lesbian in any way threatens the morale and welfare of [...]

The Bible: The New Chinese Menu

Today on his radio show, Ed Schultz of MSNBC continued his often lonely fight for universal health care by pointing out the rank hypocrisy of the religious right in its silence, or worse, opposition, to making health care available to all Americans.   Quoting the bible, he spoke of Jesus’ commitment to feeding the poor, [...]