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Phase Two

Back during the housing bubble, several houses with especially nice basements I’d recently finished went up for sale, and I got quite a few calls from complete strangers who had seen them and wanted something similar, which is rather unusual for me.  (The strangers that is, not the me-too types…) Of course, with the bubble [...]

Face Plant

Is anyone besides me completely unsurprised that Facebook’s absurdly over-hyped IPO ended in predictable disaster?  As the investigations and lawsuits roll in, I think it’s useful to consider that everyone involved appears to be afflicted with Alzheimers.  Nostalgia for the heady days of and the latest (now defunct) telecom continues to addle the minds [...]

My Lying Eyes

When I walked into the Bureau of Development Services, finding it packed as usual, I filled out my form to place in the first of five boxes, and settled in for a long wait.  The plans I was submitting were for an extensive remodel, a rebuild, really, of a house that, had it not been [...]

Urban Mountaintop Removal

I’ve been working up at the mushroom building again this week, and couldn’t help but notice that dozens of dump trucks were descending a nearby road every day, carrying loads of soil and rock, so I decided it was time for CHNN to do some investigative work, especially since I was already undercover in my [...]

The Clients from Hell

This spring it will be 20 years that I’ve been knocking down walls, putting them back up, painting, tiling, wiring, installing kooky lighting systems, and planting everything I could get my hands on.   Nothing is nicer than seeing the evidence of this all over town, and even in Seattle, LA, Brooklyn, and Connecticut, and [...]

Buy one, Get One Free!

Atwater Place, a condominium project in the South Waterfront district near downtown Portland, will tomorrow be auctioning off 40 of the 150 or so units it has failed to sell, at prices starting at a bit less than half of what the 60-odd original buyers paid just two years ago.  It’s another victim not just [...]

Mushroom Redux

I went up to the mushroom building today, and it was oddly quiet up there, now that the exterior work is finished.  Two units are now for sale, the first of which having dropped its price by $100,000.  As my brother is also discovering to his untold chagrin, the market for high-end view properties is [...]

feeling less than stimulated

It isn’t every day that Paul Krugman and John Boehner agree, but when they do, everyone should take notice.  The Golden Mean in question?  The Stimulus Package isn’t enough, by a long shot, to revive the economy, and the hag is throwing in with this odd couple to concur. Of course, our prescriptions are different; [...]

but what about the hookers?

Newsweek has just published a lengthy, ground-breaking article about Eliot Spitzer, perhaps erroneously placed under the heading “politics,” based on numerous probing and insightful personal interviews with crack reporter Jonathan Darman (son of Richard?), who really took an arresting but sadly no longer novel approach to such a story.  At least one of two possible [...]

No, you can’t

Lest anyone think, not without plenty of reason, that by virtue of its title this post is a cri de coeur of disappointment about our current President, I would like to allay your fears.  This is Cocktailhag News Network, after all, and like many other news networks, we try to focus on the more trivial [...]