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Sheesh. ¬†Seems like Mary Cheney and the Park Ranger have another little turkey baster bun in the oven, trust fund already set up, while the rest of America has all but stopped having babies due to the havoc wrought by Grandpa and his organ grinder monkey. ¬†That’s nice. Stories like these make it difficult at [...]

M$Mers blithely ignoring the terrible to horrific consequences of their work

I think Klein’s evolution in the past couple of years has been admirable. After getting beaten up for being Crazy Pete’s sock puppet on FISA he began to be a little more critical, and he’s done a real service in pushing back on the neocons’ charges of anti-Semitism. By virtue of his standing in the [...]

I was abroad that day

The mercurial cracker governor from a tooth-deprived armpit of the Old Confederacy, Mark Sanford, has up and confessed his affair with a south-of the-border tamale, whose hotness turned out to be more important than Father’s Day with his four (!) sons, the names of whom were fortunately included in his prepared statement on the subject, [...]