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Buy one, Get One Free!

Atwater Place, a condominium project in the South Waterfront district near downtown Portland, will tomorrow be auctioning off 40 of the 150 or so units it has failed to sell, at prices starting at a bit less than half of what the 60-odd original buyers paid just two years ago.  It’s another victim not just [...]

The Wars Come Home

It was inevitable, really. After nearly ten years of a dominant and domineering political party governing with an iron fist, unfailingly promoting the most violent, punishing, and ruthless answers to every question, Americans have become very skeptical and cheap about doing anything other than hurting people, even themselves.  Cynical ploys to convert inchoate resentments into [...]

feeling less than stimulated

It isn’t every day that Paul Krugman and John Boehner agree, but when they do, everyone should take notice.  The Golden Mean in question?  The Stimulus Package isn’t enough, by a long shot, to revive the economy, and the hag is throwing in with this odd couple to concur. Of course, our prescriptions are different; [...]

The commies and the unions

When my crazy grandmother, Etta, used to say that the “commies and the unions are ruining the country,” I dismissed it as I did most everything else she said, as probably close to the opposite of the fact, which turned out to be  a pretty successful formula over time.  First of all, in Portland, Oregon [...]

Hung over in seattle

Having just exited the bar car on the unusually deserted Coast Starlight, I’ve returned from a trip to Seattle, to work on the penthouse garden owned by my friend Bob.  It’s always enjoyable going up there; reading on the train, fussing over the now beautifully mature garden that I designed and planted  ten years ago [...]

Bridges to nowhere

I’m beginning to feel some trepidation regarding the bailout, which now seems certain to pass in some form.  What little of it is destined to be spent on anything useful, i.e., infrastructure, is going to be dedicated, in large part, to  ”shovel-ready” projects, which might be more accurately called deferred maintenance, when something much more [...]