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Beats Working

So it seems that the bubbly but bonkers Delaware Senate (!) candidate Christine O’Donnell helped herself to about twenty grand of her many campaign funds over the years, and now that mean ol’ Melanie Sloan at CREW is getting all schoolmarmish about it.  The humanity!  Everybody knows at this point that all folks who are [...]

Plastic Politics

UPDATED BELOW: More Democracy news…  or its opposite. In a stunning victory for the plastics industry that funded the initiative, Seattle voters yesterday voted to overturn a twenty cent surcharge on plastic bags previously passed by the city council.  Thus, a product so intrinsically crummy that it’s incapable of holding a box of cereal or [...]

Lipstick on a Pig

Yesterday I was standing in the park outside CHNN World Headquarters, waiting for the streetcar in the humid 96 degree heat, and I spotted a familiar sight around here, a clipboard-carrying signature gatherer, approaching people in the park with a petition of one sort or another.  Rather than the usual scruffy college kid (for liberal [...]