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With Allies Like These

To no one’s surprise, Mitt Romney has capped off his hilariously disastrous British Invasion with an alarmingly toadying trip to Jerusalem, to fawn over the cuckoo leaders or our craziest ally.  Of course he all but promised a war with Iran.  Of course he did everything but polish Netanyahu’s shoes.  Of course he refused to [...]

Who Asked You, Ed Koch?

The Huffington Post has a charming feature I like to call “The Island of Misfit Toys,” wherein they let embarrassingly cuckoo nonentities write something and put it way at the bottom, providing unexpected delight to the eager reader.  On a slow news day, you can go in and read has-beens like, say, Tony Blankley lying [...]


UPDATED BELOW: I don’t know how many Hag readers have access to “Savage Love,” Seattle Stranger editor Dan Savage’s excellent nationally syndicated sex advice column, but he has a favorite acronym he uses with writers in hopelessly doomed relationships: DTMFA, which, if you haven’t guessed, stands for Dump The Mother Fucker Already.  He only says it [...]

Armageddon Out of Here

(h/t to the phonetically eponymous Salon commenter for the title…) Glenn Greenwald has a great piece up today about how religious nut Mike Huckabee met up with some other religious nuts in Israel, to, well, be nuts and religious together.  As my mother used to say, sweetly and surreptitiously, about especially striking unattractive couples, “It’s [...]