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Village Idiots

Ruth Marcus isn’t the stupidest person at the Washington Post, nor is she the most craven.  But as Jon Stewart memorably said, that’s like being the thinnest kid at fat camp.  Although she’s regularly identified as a “liberal,” she nonetheless frequently types such insulting Fox News horseshit such as her column today about how Robert [...]

With Friends Like These…

Over at Huffpo I stumbled upon one of the most spectacularly asinine pieces of Democratic concern-trolling I’ve ever read, from some manipulative and obtuse nincompoop named Peter Connolly, which amply demonstrates why establishment Democrats only win, occasionally, because their opponents are just slightly more untrustworthy, corrupt, and authoritarian than they are themselves, and they are [...]

Us Vs. Them

I’ve been watching the liberal revolt against health car reform with suddenly renewed interest, since, wonder of wonders, the usual rollover didn’t occur.  It’s like the dog that didn’t bark.  What a difference an astonishingly demoralizing year makes.  Back when Obama utterly capitulated on FISA, way before the election, liberals were still so alarmed by [...]