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The Concern Troll of the Southland

UPDATE BELOW: My letter to the intrepid journalist, and his oh, so redeeming reply. This morning, Glenn Greenwald had an excellent post about the despicable fear-mongering ad Liz Cheney and Bill Kristol had slapped together to smear not just the Obama DOJ, but basically the entire tradition of western jurisprudence, the evenhandedness of which seems [...]

Things You Can’t Take Back

(Updated below) If President Lincoln had had a crystal ball, when told the South was seceding, he’d have said, “Woo hoo!” ¬†Lord, I wish he had. Especially today. ¬†Setting aside the thousands dead, cities destroyed, and money wasted, as decisions go, it was like parents who guiltily decided, once again, to take in their delinquent, [...]