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The Devil’s Spawn

Apparently unable to find anyone more qualified to discuss the matter, Fox News Sunday trotted out ol’ Liz Cheney, Daddy’s fifth deferment, to talk about…  wait for it…  corruption.  Really.  She ought to know a thing or two about that, given that her father steered billions in no-bid contracts to the company he had just [...]

Stuart Smalley saves the senate

When Air America announced its intention to become the lone liberal voice in talk radio, to begin to counter the utter dominance of that medium by the Right, way back in 2003, it was music to my ears.  Working often alone, building things and tearing them down, not necessarily in that order, some aural stimulation [...]

The No-Way-Both-Ways Neocon-Repug Rules

If you look at any political remark from Neocons-Repugs they will first say “No way!” then ask any fools listening to believe it is just dandy for them to have it both-ways using twisted logic and facts. These forked tongue, con artists operate under the following rules: Never talk about the consequences of the current [...]