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Those Who Would Nazi

Back in 2004, a blog commenter at Daily Kos made a video that compared Bush to Hitler, and there was a immediate run on smelling salts that lasted for weeks.  At the time I was working for a couple who were regular Fox News watchers, and they were naturally horrified.  “Really?” I responded.  “Aggressive wars, [...]

Exhuming McCarthy

I just don’t know what it is about Republicans and the 1950′s, but you may rest assured it isn’t the top tax rate of 91%, the high rate of unionization, or even Ike and Mamie.  No, the things they like about the 1950′s are all the things normal people recognize today as, tacky, retrograde, and [...]

Party Like It’s 1853

Today I read (h/t that the whole, quite successful, smear campaign about “Mirandizing” the firecrotch bomber, a fake kerfuffle which didn’t surprise me at the time because it was so ordinary: unanimous, hypocritical, and of course, petulantly dredging up an old far-right grievance from the ’60′s; but it was actually a little unique, in [...]