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Days of Whine and Roses

To any objective observer, i.e. someone not addled by the American Media, it’s difficult to understand why Republicans are still so in love with 9/11, wallowing in it nine years on, like Miss Havisham in Great Expectations.  After all, It wasn’t exactly a high point for them and their stupid ideas.  They’d just “elected” their [...]

The Silver Lining

It’s nice to hear, amid the relentlessly gloomy news on the employment front, that several sectors of the economy have many well-paid jobs for which there is a perennial shortage of applicants, and show no sign of either downsizing or pay cuts.  Indeed, if any of the “talent,” were to get fed up and leave, [...]

Heads They Win, Tails We Lose

When George Bush was catapulted into office in 2000 by a convoluted decision of a thoroughly corrupted Supreme Court, after having lost the popular vote, he and his cronies rolled into town like a conquering army, determined to ram through a radical political agenda they’d been careful not to emphasize on the campaign trail, where [...]