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Village Idiots, Continued

Against my better judgement, I wandered over to Politico for a little look-see at what was passing for Village Conventional “Wisdom” on this dreary Tuesday, and boy howdy, should I have stayed home.  Although there was, at the top of the page, one article that mentioned the, uh, President; except for an irrelevant smidgen of [...]

The Long-Lasting Boehner

Call your doctor, America; this Boehner has lasted a lot more than four hours. It was always hard for me to believe that House Republicans, who are if anything more extreme than in the bombastic Newt’s heyday, settled for a colorless ol’ cocktailhag like the Boehner in the first place.  In a party bursting with [...]

Days of Whine and Poses

Crybaby Paul Ryan threw himself on the floor today, blubbering and screaming, about how mean ol’ President Obama called his ludicrous, gilded age budget what it is: “laughable.”  Worse, he also called it a “Trojan Horse” and “thinly-veiled social Darwinism.”  That both these things are true escapes lil’ Paul, since he was too busy masturbating [...]

Scorpions For Breakfast (With Gin)

  Credit: Glendale Tribune Seems like that ol’ cocktailhag Governor (!) of Arizona, Jan Brewer has been hitting the bottle again, this time when President Obama was visiting, and managed to make a little scene.  That happens to the best of us, admittedly, but judging by her babbling, incoherent performances every time she’s on television, [...]

Armageddon And So Forth

Those were the words of Ronald Reagan, delivered casually and undoubtedly with a little dementia thrown in, when he was speaking in his inimitable style about the sort of nuclear annihilation his administration, at least initially, seemed determined to court.  For whatever reason, Republicans have, over the last thirty years or so (and longer if [...]

It’s My Party, And I’ll Cry If I Want To

Predictably, incoming Speaker of the House (!) John Boehner cried when handed the gavel by Nancy Pelosi, and as promised, he and his party are about to give America plenty to cry about.  Of course, several of the lies they told to get the House majority have already been exploded, most significantly the $100 billion [...]

After the Fall

After watching that blubbering drunkard, soon-to-be Speaker Boehner, confidently if unsteadily declare that the Republicans had received a sweeping mandate, I had to ask, “for what?”  Across the country, all Republican candidates nattered on about the Constitution, smaller government, lower taxes, bigger military, less social services, etc., arguments they have long since won, even among [...]

Don’t Bet the Farm On It

Today Joe Scarborough emerged, along with Ron Paul, as another lonely Republican opponent of the anti “Ground Zero Mosque” movement, using about the most risible argument I’ve heard so far: (h/t Raw Story) Republicans are going to be embarrassed at the way they’ve opposed a mosque — known as Cordoba House or Park51 — that’s [...]

My People

Like other once-marginalized minorities, I’m generally in favor of other cocktailhags representing me in government, media, and elsewhere, but given recent events, honestly, people like John Boehner, Jane Harman, Jan Brewer, Maureen Dowd, Sally Quinn, and on and on, do make me at times question my own loyalty to my people.  The key difference seems [...]

Enter the Grave Dancers

For about the thousandth time, the Republicans are gleefully announcing the death of the Democratic Party, assuming correctly that the dead are about the only ones they can beat, and even then not always.  What is being said about the health care reform could be old tape of what Republicans have said about any non-right [...]