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What Agenda?

The New York Time’s notoriously Fox-addled political reporter, Adam Nagourney, engages in some typical but sadly anachronistic “Democrats are doomed” hand-wringing in Thursday’s paper, faux-fretting that given the (factually inaccurate, but that’s par for the course) supposedly massive wave of Democratic retirements in the Senate, Obama will be hamstrung in carrying out his “agenda.”  The [...]

Out, damned spot!

This morning as I left the house, I grabbed my messenger bag out of the hall closet, and there was an Obama/Biden sign hanging in there, and I decided to take it down.  It’s odd, but the John Kerry sign that hung there for four years always kind of cheered me up; not just because [...]

who’s the worst cocktailhag in the world?

  UPDATE BELOW: NPR “Train wreck” Well, today it would be Rep. Jane Harman. That boozy, power-grabbing harridan, it seems, got so pissed off in late 2004 that she hurled a really big drink at rival Nancy Pelosi, who unfortunately ducked while John Kerry was left shame-facedly picking the broken glass, fruit, and parasols off [...]