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The Special Olympics

I’ve been loath to post over the past few days, partly because I’m in Napa, and partly because the stupidity of the news of late leaves me depressed, tongue-tied, and even thirstier than usual.  All such conditions lead inevitably to writer’s block, although the comic possibilities of Weinergate were admittedly tempting.  I was finally roused [...]

A Plan That Needs a Planet

The GOP strategy for achieving its already media-trumpeted 2010 landslide is shaping up, and it has to be admired for its sheer audacity, as well as its desperate but hardly unwarranted reliance on the media continuing to be as stupid as it was throughout the Bush years.  Richard Cohen, David Broder, and David Gregory are [...]

Get in line, already

In response to the “unfair” attacks to which its charlatan in chief, Jim Cramer, was subjected by that uppity comedian (!) Jon Stewart, Ari Fleischer lookalike  and apparent acolyte Jeff Zucker of NBC, said, in a manner eerily reminiscent of his equally evil twin, that such impertinent backtalk was “out of line.”  What line is [...]