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M$Mers blithely ignoring the terrible to horrific consequences of their work

I think Klein’s evolution in the past couple of years has been admirable. After getting beaten up for being Crazy Pete’s sock puppet on FISA he began to be a little more critical, and he’s done a real service in pushing back on the neocons’ charges of anti-Semitism. By virtue of his standing in the [...]

MTP Disgraces Itself Once Again this Morning Just for Ratings

Since David Gregory took over MTP his ratings have gone down to the point that two weeks ago the unheard of happened and ABC’s This Week won the ratings battle. So MTP is searching for ways to win the week to week battle which they won last week. In their promo for this morning’s show [...]

Give me Libertarian pundits or give me death (of our future)

Please read this article that ran in the WaPo on July 17 before proceeding further. What’s Next, Mr. President – Cardigans? The authors are Nick Gillespie the editor of and Matt Welch is editor of Reason magazine. They will discuss this article online at 11 a.m. on Monday at The article [...]

In defense of Chuck Todd and his intelligence but not faux irresponsible journalists

Numerous commenters on Greenwald’s Salon radio interview post with MSNBC/NBC’s Chuck Todd found all kinds of imaginative and unimaginative ways of questioning his intelligence. Just because someone disagrees with you and seems to be far off base from your thinking has nothing to do with degrees of intelligence. Deriding your opposition also does little to [...]