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Holy Cow

I’ve long been a skeptic of the purported “wave” election coming up, wherein the “overreaching” Democrats are steamrollered by a stampede of righteous elephants, no matter how cuckoo and/or substance-free their candidates are.  Although most of the craziest ones have shunned all but their own mouthpieces on Fox and talk radio, they still, once in [...]

Math Class is Tough

Increasingly it seems that Republican candidates are, in the post-Reagan era, chosen solely as spokesmodels; it’s just like choosing an anchorwoman at Fox News, really.  Not much upstairs, but what a staircase…  You’re hired.   This trend has two roots: the first is that Republicans fundamentally believe that intellect, energy, and accomplishment are only found, [...]

Chicago Politics

“Back since the days of old Methuselah, Everyone loves a big bamboozler.” I was forcibly reminded of Fred Ebb’s immortal lyrics from “Chicago” as I watched Sarah Palin and Carrie Prejean take to the airwaves, mercilessly, these past few days to generally make asses of themselves, but nonetheless be treated with undeserved respect and attention [...]