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JPMorgan’s toxically self-regarding CEO, Jamie Dimon, walked into David Gregory’s Petting Zoo, i.e. “Meet the Press,” bravely facing America’s toughest interviewer to talk about his $2 billion boo-boo last week.  You can pretty much imagine how that went.  He admitted, with trademark puppy dog eyes, that what he arrogantly dismisses last month as a “tempest [...]

Someone Broke In and Stole the Gravy Boat

The jaw-dropping lack of accountability prevalent among our elites, no matter how enormous and damaging their quite public failures, has led seemingly reasonable people who ought to know better to, virtually en masse,  unintentionally embrace the ludicrous farce that in my family we call the Gravy Boat Theory. Only with them, it’s a lot less [...]

Phoning it In

I have a new Hag Theory about why the economy collapsed, and it might, in an odd and assuredly unintended way, validate that old nympho battle-ax Ayn Rand.  I think that sometime around 2001-2, the political, economic, and media elite in the country all essentially “went Galt,” and, and it seems that none of them [...]

chewing up the scenery

“I get no thrill….  from this atomic age; My home is still….  upon the Palace stage,   Where life’s a song, as long as I can say, I belong to the wonderful world of the two-a-day.” —- Vaudeville medley, Jerry Herman In the surreal world of the American right, the systematic substitution of appearance for [...]