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Exhuming McCarthy

UPDATED BELOW: Wolf Blitzer apologizes, sort of. Outside of Wolf Blitzer’s pathetic show, Liz Cheney’s McCarthy Palooza against the Obama DOJ isn’t going quite as planned, despite the enthusiastic boost it received from the LA Times.  Numerous prominent conservatives have branded Cheney’s insultingly ignorant fear-mongering as reminiscent of or worse than McCarthy, and even Condi [...]

LA Times Channels FOX, Literally

Yesterday LA Times crack reporter Rick Serrano published a story that was straight off the Republican Noise Machine, willfully deceptive about the nature of our legal system, and, well, old.  To do so and make it plausible, he “interviewed” such heavyweights as Sen. Jeff Sessions, a bunch of anonymous Republicans, and carefully pored over a [...]

The Concern Troll of the Southland

UPDATE BELOW: My letter to the intrepid journalist, and his oh, so redeeming reply. This morning, Glenn Greenwald had an excellent post about the despicable fear-mongering ad Liz Cheney and Bill Kristol had slapped together to smear not just the Obama DOJ, but basically the entire tradition of western jurisprudence, the evenhandedness of which seems [...]

Get it in Writing

Well, it seems that, in the eyes of the gasbags, anyway, the Republicans are headed for a very big 2010…  The heady days of the “Contract with America” are here again, though of course no one has bothered to read the fine print, partly because there isn’t any, but partly because they don’t care.  You [...]

Seeing What Sticks

What we’re seeing of late plopping out of the rear end of the American Right would, to a normal person, appear to be a Tourette’s-fueled tirade of utter nonsense, and rightly dismissed as such.  Michael Steele, Liz Cheney, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin: even the spokesmen are so risibly unqualified and dunderheaded that you’d think the [...]

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

Republicans seem never to tire of gazing at their own reflections, but often disliking the beady eyes and fleshy face menacingly staring back at them, suddenly see their own glaring flaws writ larger than ever in others, and are unduly fond of pointing this out.  The bible makes early mention of this phenomenon, about motes [...]

Entitlement Reform, Please

Glenn Greenwald wrote about the problem of our hereditary overclass the other day at Salon, but every day it burns me up a little more as it becomes more jaw-droppingly conspicuous, and anger is perhaps the greatest cure for writer’s block ever imagined.  As we descend further into “oligarhy,” as Glenn Beck might put it, [...]

When all else fails…

Not since he was angling for deferment number five has Dick Cheney’s daughter Liz turned out to be so handy, and like any canny, legally compromised parent would, he has sent her forth, this time in ambulatory form, to get Papa out of some trouble, once again.  Since she can talk now, she was fully [...]