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A Long December

Ever since this song came out in 1996, it’s always found its way onto my winter playlist because, cockeyed optimist that I am, I always believe that “this year will be better than the last,” and with that and the right amount of alcohol, I find this somewhat mournful song cheery.  Some background…  In December [...]

The Apple Doesn’t Fall…

I’m in LA at the moment, helping my dearest friend Tina get her house ready to sell so she can finally escape this dreadful place after over a dozen unintended years.  And, for me, her time here meant six residences and about twenty remodeling projects, which has enabled me to escape Portland for at least [...]

Fingers in the Dike

Since I’m going to LA next week, I’ve been dropping into the LATimes website more often, and scrolling past the usual horsemen of LA apocalypse, like wildfires and, well, rain, it seems there’s always a story about another water main break, some of them quite spectacular.  Of course, this depressing phenomenon is familiar in many [...]