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High Comedy from Jonah Goldberg

So it seems the author of that staid, factual work of history, “Liberal Fascism,” has a bone to pick with potty-mouthed comedians who cheapen our politics with smears and theater.  No, really. The blubbery Babel of Bullshit took to the LATimes to type the following: Stephen Colbert’s “testimony” before Congress last week was a clear [...]

A Whale of a Theory

Well, ol’ Jonah Goldberg, “author” of something called “Liberal Fascism,” has another history lesson for us all, and it’s a doozy.  Our favorite chubby underachiever was apparently feeling like the dunce in the room before Glenn Beck’s chalkboard, since the real smarties like Dinesh D’Souza and had just come out with newer, even more awesome [...]

What’s That Smell?

Jonah Goldberg, a man whose very existence signals the final collapse of the media, particularly the Los Angeles Times, dropped this pantload last week, and I’m still trying to figure out whether or not it was diabolically clever satire: “The high standards and wise judgments of people like Walter Cronkite once acted as a national [...]

Thus Spake the Pantload…

One thing I won’t miss about my formerly frequent visits to Los Angeles is the disheartening experience of reading its sad and depleted newspaper, the Times, to which I used to look forward so much when I lived there briefly in the early 90′s.  The final death knell came in 2003 , when they got [...]

“free speech” is kind of a misnomer

Free Speech, that curiously American phenomenon, has been reinterpreted in such ways that it’s become, well, not exactly free.  You see, the kind of speech that still revels in and enjoys its freedom has an awful lot of paid sponsors, while the kind that just pops out without any corporate backing tends to be retaliated [...]