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you can say that again….

Turns out that Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, a Republican, natch, since he was on TV, found Gov. Mark “tan lines” Sanford’s recent unpleasantness “sad and troubling and hypocritical.” ¬†To which the Hag would add “hilarious and predictable and typical,” if I didn’t know how to string words together grammatically. ¬†Pawlenty’s complaint? That “the words and [...]

I was abroad that day

The mercurial cracker governor from a tooth-deprived armpit of the Old Confederacy, Mark Sanford, has up and confessed his affair with a south-of the-border tamale, whose hotness turned out to be more important than Father’s Day with his four (!) sons, the names of whom were fortunately included in his prepared statement on the subject, [...]