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Two-Tiered Transit

As most readers of this blog know, I have been a car-free, dedicated transit user for over a decade, something that to the outside observer ought to be easy and natural in Portland, America’s supposed sustainability Mecca.  The truth, unfortunately, is a little more complicated in this new era of austerity.  Like all public amenities, [...]

Highways to Hell

The Republicans dropped a log today that they euphemistically called a “Transportation Bill,” and to no one’s surprise it’s a monument to Teabaggery, etched in asphalt.  You see, it isn’t enough to just hate gays, the poor, Muslims, and all the usual suspects,  constantly expressing that hate in every utterance, but it turns out that [...]

Oil and Trouble

I remember being startled to read in a science fiction novel that, in its imagined future, oil long since had been abandoned as an energy source because of the unacceptable risks involved with its extraction, transport, and burning.  Just like that.  Too bad such irrefutable logic escapes us still (the book was written in the [...]