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For The Love of Dick

Well, after waiting for the “statutes of limitations to expire,” as Dick himself put it, Cheney has finally set out to have “heads explode all over Washington” with the release of his all-about-me screed against, well, anyone who isn’t as big of a Dick as he.  Predictably, Maureen Dowd, who loves all Republicans except Dick, [...]

Well, They Still Have Maureen Dowd

UPDATED BELOW: (Saturday)   Having had a somewhat longer commute than usual the past few weeks, I have once again become a daily New York Times reader, often to my considerable chagrin.  For the last 15 years or so, as my local newspaper, the Oregonian, got thinner and thinner, I readily coughed up the extra [...]

My People

Like other once-marginalized minorities, I’m generally in favor of other cocktailhags representing me in government, media, and elsewhere, but given recent events, honestly, people like John Boehner, Jane Harman, Jan Brewer, Maureen Dowd, Sally Quinn, and on and on, do make me at times question my own loyalty to my people.  The key difference seems [...]

Out, damned spot!

This morning as I left the house, I grabbed my messenger bag out of the hall closet, and there was an Obama/Biden sign hanging in there, and I decided to take it down.  It’s odd, but the John Kerry sign that hung there for four years always kind of cheered me up; not just because [...]

Who’d a thunk?

CHNN NEWS FLASH! Karl Rove said something truthful…  I hope you’re sitting down.  He called Maureen Dowd, among other true things, “bitter, deranged, snarky, nasty,” and such.  All true, but Karl being Karl, then he lied, when he said her nastiness was aimed only at conservatives, something that would surely make the Clintons gawk in [...]


Italians may be yawning more than chattering about the sudden appearance late last week of pictures of nude Italian women, published by the Spanish newspaper El Pais and reportedly taken at Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s Sardinia retreat. The pictures, also distributed widely on Italian news websites – and in defiance of legal threats issued by [...]

…But the building is nice

Reading the New York Times with unusual thoroughness over the holiday weekend, I found myself annoyed, and a little embarrassed, that so much of it was, well, garbage.  Worse, it was garbage of the most common and insulting sort:  fawning, shallow interviews, dubious, poorly-sourced claims presented as fact, “balance” in the form of risibly false [...]

fit to print

To: Paunch Sulzburger, From: Overpaid Consultant RE: “Talent” Good seeing you the other night, Paunch.  The lighting in that restaurant did make you appear taller and less bald.  But let’s cut to the chase here.  Some of that dead wood on your OP/ED page is so petrified you guys don’t need an iceberg to [...]

but what about the hookers?

Newsweek has just published a lengthy, ground-breaking article about Eliot Spitzer, perhaps erroneously placed under the heading “politics,” based on numerous probing and insightful personal interviews with crack reporter Jonathan Darman (son of Richard?), who really took an arresting but sadly no longer novel approach to such a story.  At least one of two possible [...]

And Now a word from our sponsors…

Update: Below, in comments, CHNN correspondent RMP reports live from the AIG hearings. “The Commercial Republic.”  Hmmm.  Now, I don’t ordinarily think much about David Brooks, and generally avoid his NYT column, because if I happened to be in the mood for something insultingly elitist, completely irrelevant, and stupefyingly clueless, I have a veritable smorgasbord already [...]