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Orange is the New Red

UPDATE BELOW: Michael Moore is getting a quite a bad rap today for the open letter he published at Daily Kos in which he had the temerity to publicly call for President Obama not to essentially make the Afghan misadventure a permanent thing.  The horrified cries of treachery and America-hating naturally rained down, of course, [...]


UPDATED BELOW: It’s certainly no mystery why the GOP and its fanboys at Fox and elsewhere are always on the attack.  Aside from the fact that only 20% of Americans will still reluctantly admit to being Republicans, the other 80% are always susceptible to inconvenient facts slipping into the conversation, which would clearly make an [...]

When Love Goes Wrong

In interviews prior to the release of his new film, “Capitalism: A Love Story,” Michael Moore said that he was making this movie as though it might be his last, and it’s easy to see why; the individual threads of his previous work have all been beautifully woven into an an astonishing tapestry of greed, [...]

Ad Hominem and Stir

Saddled as they are with a great many aberrant and discredited ideas, Republicans have developed a neat way around this seemingly sticky problem, one that plays into the shallow and narrative-driven way the media covers the news; ad hominem attacks in place of engaging critics’ ideas.   The dumber, meaner, and more disastrous the idea, [...]