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Get me a Bromide, and Put Some Gin In It

Last night I wrote at Firedoglake, with characteristic dismissiveness, about how poor little Ann Romney was sooooo hurt that someone pointed out, correctly, that she’d never worked a day in her life. Boo fucking hoo, and all that. But for the dead-enders of the Republican noise machine, no fainting spell is too fake to repeat [...]

The Fart Heard ‘Round the Church

Despite myself and prior opinions of the man, I would like to raise an Independence Day glass (or, more likely, several…) to Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele, who, in his adorably loopy style, has given me a reason to feel patriotic on America’s Birthday.  Once again, unintentional honesty from a Republican has suddenly given [...]

Petty Gossip

In the face of the damning revelations of his inattention/complicity to decades of sexual abuse and corruption, the Pope is sounding more like a clueless, petulant sorority girl these days than like his more sinister old Nazi self, so I guess you could call that an improvement.  Sorority girls are a lot of things, but [...]

Seeing What Sticks

What we’re seeing of late plopping out of the rear end of the American Right would, to a normal person, appear to be a Tourette’s-fueled tirade of utter nonsense, and rightly dismissed as such.  Michael Steele, Liz Cheney, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin: even the spokesmen are so risibly unqualified and dunderheaded that you’d think the [...]

Paper Moons

It’s only a paper moon, hanging over a cardboard sea, but it wouldn’t be make believe if you believed in me. While it’s probably somewhat redundant at this point to pile on poor Michael Steele for his brand new but flabbergastingly idiotic “What Up (!) ?” web site, I still feel a need to do so, [...]

Affirmative Action, GOP Style

The unusually naked racism pouring forth from the GOP lately, greatly amplified by the gasbags on television,  and still led by Pat Buchanan, who has been feeding America this revolting Southern Strategy hate speech for 40 years, seems to have brought Republicans to their final cul-de-sac.  As they’ve coddled the fears and hatreds of white [...]