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Hope and Change?

Even as I’ve been swamped with work and blogging at FDL (I’ll be posting two more Sundays, in addition to my usual Thursdays, I just found out), I’ve become increasingly annoyed with politics, and  as such depressed about the election season now inescapably upon us.  But as if to drop another load of BS into [...]

What Would you say to Barack and what will you do?

“If given the opportunity to write a letter to the President — a letter in which illness and impending death served a larger agenda– what would I say to him?” This question was answered by a wonderful man who is in a hospice with perhaps days to live. His friend Paul Loeb posted Robert Ellis [...]

The first porch monkey

 It’s gotten rather difficult for me lately to muster up any great surprise over the startlingly racist bile spewing out of the right, since the frequency and proud frankness is enough to make anyone’s already dizzy head spin.  Listening to a Republican on TV lately is not unlike listening to my Grandmother, Etta, back in [...]

smoke ‘em if you got ‘em

The demonization of “liberals,” so central to righty discourse, has successfully produced, through careful effort, a disturbing, vindictive, and self-defeating “activism” amongst its knuckle-dragging followers.  Long conditioned to believe that if liberals care about it, it must be destroyed, the right has decided that our planet is next on its enemies list.  Of course, this [...]