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The Oldest Profession

This tart briefly removed Gen. Petraeus’ penis from her mouth to do this interview, and it certainly shows. (h/t to my man Glenn Greenwald, formerly of Salon but now at the Guardian, for spotting this little treasure):

Time Doesn’t Necessarily Wound All Heels

Back in 1999, I wrote this piece, making fun of myself, mostly, to send around to friends, based on some unfortunate experiences I’d been having just then. ¬†Due to circumstances not entirely beyond my control, it ended up being published in our alternative weekly,¬†Willamette Week, and it caused a bit of a stink when all [...]

I was abroad that day

The mercurial cracker governor from a tooth-deprived armpit of the Old Confederacy, Mark Sanford, has up and confessed his affair with a south-of the-border tamale, whose hotness turned out to be more important than Father’s Day with his four (!) sons, the names of whom were fortunately included in his prepared statement on the subject, [...]