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Little Caesars

What seems to define modern Republicanism as we approach the 2012 elections is a firm, Randian belief that the only acceptable model for governance be that of a particularly ruthless and avaricious corporation beset by a self-interested and narcissistic CEO bent on looting it.  Like their corporate sponsors, Republicans have abandoned any sense of creating [...]

Dumb as a Post

Reading what passes for Villager political analysis is never pleasant, but “Mouthpiece Theater’s” former co-star, Chris Cillizza, does it better than anyone else, albeit unintentionally.  In the piece below, he attempts to avoid the elephant in the room, which is that the GOP base is too crazy to nominate an electable candidate, and instead finds [...]

Send In The Clowns

Over at TPM, they published the results of the New Hampshire straw poll for the GOP presidential nominee in 2012, and it looks like Obama can continue to phone it in as before, and not worry too much about how lame he is. The worthies, using the term loosely, are: 1) Mitt Romney 35.14% Really. [...]