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Dances With Roves

In a stunningly unsurprising development, NBC’s “Meet the Press,” formerly the Sunday morning leader, has reached a 20-year nadir in its ratings.  Thus, people who are too lazy on a hungover morning to drink poison or gouge out their eyeballs prefer George fucking Stefanopoulous over Karl Rove’s B-girl, David Gregory, and his laughably execrable show. [...]

Before There Was Fox

There was Jessica Savitch.  The video above shows the last, drug-addled broadcast of a grasping, narcissistic and damaged young woman whose relentless pursuit of fame landed her, days thereafter, in a watery grave at 34….  Having been a key figure who heralded a new era of profit-driven infotainment in TV News, Savitch was the first [...]

No bad dogs…. only bad owners

You know, Barbara Woodhouse had a point, and darn it, intrepid journalist Brian Williams of NBC, in his first known foray into the steamy underbelly of investigative journalism, got to know Bo today, and provided the most enlightening words about his time with the Obama administration, in terms of paws. “Sum up this guy,” Williams [...]