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Quote Of Note From The CHNN B.S. Clean Up Desk

“At the Islamophobia command center, Murdoch’s News Corporation, the hypocrisy is, if anything, thicker.  A recent Wall Street Journal editorial darkly cited unspecified ‘reports’ that Park51 has ‘money coming from Saudi charities or Gulf princes that also fund Wahabi madrassas.’  As Jon Stewart observed, this brand of innuendo could also be applied to News Corp., [...]

Don’t Let the Door Hit You

I almost laughed out loud when I saw that Forbes Magazine had published an article about the absurdly tiny but nonetheless (to them) significant, headlong rush of the rich to leave Socialist America, which to the folk at Forbes was a bad thing, rather than a cause for exultation.  Would that it were so:  think [...]

Pravda on the Potomac

Well, it’s about time.  In light of the McChrystal fiasco, the Pentagon has suddenly discovered that its 60,000 or so PR flacks must have been lying down on their multibillion dollar jobs, perhaps on Facebook or Craigslist, and has a new plan to prevent any more Rolling Stone episodes upsetting its most sacred moss, the [...]

Back to the Future

UPDATED BELOW: When I was a kid in the 70′s, everybody listened to KGON, the local FM rock station, and it was avowedly liberal: pro-pot, anti-Nixon, anti-war, with a great cast of hippie-ish DJ’s that became like family.  As Archie and Edith wistfully sang, “Those Were the Days.”  They had a feature in the morning, [...]

Market Shmarket

If I hear, one more time, someone speak of the wonders of the “free market,” I’m going to do something desperate.  Why aren’t these cretinous martinets ever asked to explain what, in heaven’s name, they mean?  The reality has gotten so far removed from the homilies that some explanation is in order.  In an offensively [...]

Torts Are Fattening, You Know

For all their other faults, Republicans’ worst mistake often tends to be their timing.  Bushes pere et fil started their wars too early for their electoral purposes, but since the winner lost and the loser won, the wrong lessons were learned.  Who can forget Bush crowing about  the “capital” he had earned by stealing Ohio in [...]

The Terrorists Won

It is getting harder and harder to believe that September, 11, 2001 was, well, almost NINE YEARS AGO.  To hear our politicians speak, you’d think it was last week.  We’ve grown accustomed to onerous waits and pointless hoop-jumping in airports, endless and expanding wars all over the globe, militarized policing, the mainstreaming of torture, and [...]

What Agenda?

The New York Time’s notoriously Fox-addled political reporter, Adam Nagourney, engages in some typical but sadly anachronistic “Democrats are doomed” hand-wringing in Thursday’s paper, faux-fretting that given the (factually inaccurate, but that’s par for the course) supposedly massive wave of Democratic retirements in the Senate, Obama will be hamstrung in carrying out his “agenda.”  The [...]

Phoning it In

I have a new Hag Theory about why the economy collapsed, and it might, in an odd and assuredly unintended way, validate that old nympho battle-ax Ayn Rand.  I think that sometime around 2001-2, the political, economic, and media elite in the country all essentially “went Galt,” and, and it seems that none of them [...]

The No-Talent Show

I have often groused dyspeptically about the tawdry circus acts that have replaced political discourse in this country, and the insulting way in which our media stars never fail eat it up, like slow children gazing in slack-jawed amazement at an unusually bad magician. Such misguided adulation then trickles down to the  dumber members of [...]