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Victory, Even in Defeat

UPDATED BELOW:  UPDATE II One of the funniest things about the right is that they never lose, even when they do, and they even have rather disturbing success convincing others, or at least the media, that this is so.  A lot of us, and certainly any trained psychiatrist, would look at their behavior each day, [...]

Those Swingin’ Seventies

In an earlier post, WT and I were talking about crappy skyscrapers, and mutually decided that some of them were cool. (RIP World Trade Center…) This one, shown from CHNN Headquarters, and then from the street, is Charles Luckman’s building, formerly the  First National Bank Tower, which although derided at the time and since by [...]

Who’d a thunk?

CHNN NEWS FLASH! Karl Rove said something truthful…  I hope you’re sitting down.  He called Maureen Dowd, among other true things, “bitter, deranged, snarky, nasty,” and such.  All true, but Karl being Karl, then he lied, when he said her nastiness was aimed only at conservatives, something that would surely make the Clintons gawk in [...]

No bad dogs…. only bad owners

You know, Barbara Woodhouse had a point, and darn it, intrepid journalist Brian Williams of NBC, in his first known foray into the steamy underbelly of investigative journalism, got to know Bo today, and provided the most enlightening words about his time with the Obama administration, in terms of paws. “Sum up this guy,” Williams [...]

…But the building is nice

Reading the New York Times with unusual thoroughness over the holiday weekend, I found myself annoyed, and a little embarrassed, that so much of it was, well, garbage.  Worse, it was garbage of the most common and insulting sort:  fawning, shallow interviews, dubious, poorly-sourced claims presented as fact, “balance” in the form of risibly false [...]

it must be our freedoms

Emboldened by how well the fear-mongering campaign against closing Guantanamo has been succeeding amongst dumber Americans like Glenn Beck and Harry Reid, the Pentagon went ahead and does what it does best: release a completely fabricated report to “bolster” it.  And it’s a thing to behold.  With a military budget like ours, can’t we afford [...]

fit to print

To: Paunch Sulzburger, From: Overpaid Consultant RE: “Talent” Good seeing you the other night, Paunch.  The lighting in that restaurant did make you appear taller and less bald.  But let’s cut to the chase here.  Some of that dead wood on your OP/ED page is so petrified you guys don’t need an iceberg to [...]

then it must be so

Many tired, fiction-based excuses have been trotted out for not prosecuting the war crimes of the Bush Administration, particularly torture, and all have become mind-numbingly familiar by now, but it seems that flat-worlder Tom Friedman had to think about them for a while, perhaps talk to a few cab drivers, before he weighed in on [...]

who’s the worst cocktailhag in the world?

  UPDATE BELOW: NPR “Train wreck” Well, today it would be Rep. Jane Harman. That boozy, power-grabbing harridan, it seems, got so pissed off in late 2004 that she hurled a really big drink at rival Nancy Pelosi, who unfortunately ducked while John Kerry was left shame-facedly picking the broken glass, fruit, and parasols off [...]

They should know

UPDATE BELOW: A petition is apparently circulating among the tumbleweeds in the dusty, long since evacuated newsroom of the Los Angeles Times, saying to no one that the paper’s decision to run an Onion-like (minus the funny, natch) fake news story that was really an ad for a new NBC series on the front page [...]