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One Nuclear Meltdown Can Ruin a Plutocrat’s Whole Day

Out here in the Northwest, nuclear power has a long history of being dismissed as the kooky, plutocratic boondoggle it is, even while we have been spared the worst of the fears it understandably creates.  Back in the 70′s, when our local utility, Portland General Electric, built the Trojan nuclear power plant, its remote location [...]

Another Scolding From The Oregonian

As I’ve no doubt mentioned before, my somewhat less terrible than average local rag, The Oregonian, has this weird tendency to adopt unpopular, right-wing causes, and stick to them even in the most humiliating defeat, which always culminates in a scolding editorial about how they were, dammit, right and it was the whole world that [...]

Back to the Future

UPDATED BELOW: When I was a kid in the 70′s, everybody listened to KGON, the local FM rock station, and it was avowedly liberal: pro-pot, anti-Nixon, anti-war, with a great cast of hippie-ish DJ’s that became like family.  As Archie and Edith wistfully sang, “Those Were the Days.”  They had a feature in the morning, [...]