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Polls are showing that it’s possible Joe Sestak will beat Arlen Specter in the Democratic primary in Pennsylvania tomorrow; a sweeter outcome I could hardly wish.  A Sestak victory would be another nail in the alarmingly perforated coffin of  Obama’s silly idea of postpartisanship, and it would also show the voters, unlike the media that [...]

Plus Ca Change, and All That

I have a confession to make, somewhat reluctantly:  I’m starting to turn into a teabagger.  It’s been a slow but inexorable process that forcibly began when then-Senator Obama completely capitulated on the FISA bill during the campaign, but as the health care debacle has unfolded, I’ve found that I practically need a spreadsheet to keep [...]

Move Over, Torquemada

Well, the CIA’s IG report on torture was released today, mostly to yawns.  So what if we threatened to kill a detainee’s children?  Who cares if we said we would sexually assault a detainee’s mother, in front of him, natch…  What’s the big deal about staging mock executions, since it appears that we also had [...]

the perfect moment

Well, it seems that for at least the dozenth time, the Government is going to wait a bit longer to release the torture documents it’s been sitting on, like a proud and protective hen, for all these years.  The only difference is that all this determined sitting is supposed to prevent, rather than promote, any [...]