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The Stage Is Set For The Duration

Recent items in the news: The commandant of the marine corps said a few days ago U.S. forces will likely be at the “war on terror,” or whatever it’s called now, for a bit longer, maybe another decade.  Or more. The marine leader’s remarks echo those by an obscure defense official overseeing undercover doo doo.  [...]


I am again having trouble believing that the American people as a whole really care about veterans, or perhaps even the people who are actively serving today.  They might on an abstract level, but there’s no risk in that. Troops care for troops.  Veterans care about veterans, and family members care as best they can [...]

Send in the Clowns; CPAC had a P. T. Barnum hit show

While watching or reading about the headliners at the 2010 CPAC, the title of that great Stephen Sondheim song Send in the Clowns from the musical Little Night Music kept ringing in my head. Using some lines from that song, here in parenthesis are the kind of thoughts that are in the minds of the [...]

SOGOPs how do you get out of this outhouse? Your health is at stake!

The Repugs have been sent to Obama’s outhouse to Shit Or Get Off the Pots. They know it and are now wiggling like crazy to free their dumb asses. The stink the GOPers drop into American political discharge has not reached enough Americans, but if Obama’s long-term plan works, it will reach them before voting [...]

Eastasia’s Getting Awfully Big

Sheesh, just when I was complaining about this war business again, with the existing two already lost the righties have picked out a neighbor or two to toss on the pile, and from the looks of it, Pakistan’s already on top.  It was an awkward revelation when a dozen Americans were killed (and possibly a [...]

GOPers Long-term Strategy to Win November Elections Backfired Big Time Friday

I don’t know if as Chris Mathews believes, that history was made Friday when President Obama challenged the House Republicans at the opening of their two-day caucus retreat. I do know that although it marked another step in the long-term GOPer strategy to win big in November, it marked a huge misstep. When they drew [...]

The ecstatic drool from Corporates is flooding the D.C. Beltway and drowning the people’s voice

The news for liberals and Democrats is depressing in the first year of the meek Obama Administration and filibuster-crippled Congress culminating in the election of Scott Brown and the Supreme Court free speech decision announced today rolling back restrictions on corporate spending on federal campaigns. Wall Street and the bankers are drooling as this week [...]

Unreality Bites

Each day lately that I look around at the news pouring forth, I see less to write about, since the miasma of unreality that obscures every discussion makes any comment seem both untimely and unnecessary.  Great matters of past and future, war and peace, and everything else, are decided from above and merely served up [...]

Eastasia or Bust

At the time I wondered why I felt so emotional; why, just because Bush was going to start the second war of his tenure amid unanimous media cheerleading and the flimsiest of rationales for it, I felt as though a line had been crossed.  War had become the new national pastime, and all the king’s [...]

“So We Beat On, Boats Against The Current, Borne Back Ceaselessly Into The Past.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Barack Obama must be looking over his shoulder as he steps up and sets forth his war policy for Afghanistan. No, he doesn’t sound sure of himself and, despite donning his CIC chain mail for a speech at West Point, he may be be projecting weakness, just as Dick Cheney, our great, snarling former vice [...]