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Another Scolding From The Oregonian

As I’ve no doubt mentioned before, my somewhat less terrible than average local rag, The Oregonian, has this weird tendency to adopt unpopular, right-wing causes, and stick to them even in the most humiliating defeat, which always culminates in a scolding editorial about how they were, dammit, right and it was the whole world that [...]

Gold Card Teabagging

On Wednesday evening, Al Gore appeared at the Keller Auditorium to promote his new book and raise funds for gubernatorial candidate Bill Bradbury, and I didn’t go, having just attended another event the previous evening, and not thinking it would be particularly newsy.  Well, it was.  The night before, the auditorium was vandalized by teabaggers [...]

And if You Believe That….

Today the Oregonian ran a front page story about how the endangered Columbia/Snake River salmon were “evolving” in such a way as to peacefully coexist with the many dams they must negotiate to reach their spawning grounds.  It seems that salmon fingerlings, or at least some of them, are “choosing” to hang out in the [...]

Labor’s Love Lost

As those of us who work for a living know, many days lead one to wish that we might have been heiresses and could simply bag the whole thing, but then, what, exactly, would we do?  Work doesn’t just give us the means to live, but it also provides structure to our lives, a sense [...]

Et Tu, David?

The Oregonian used to have two associate editors, David Sarasohn, a cranky liberal with a great sense of humor, and David Reinhard, an unreconstructed homophobe and serial liar from the right.  Reinhard seems to have disappeared of late; as the Oregonian has contracted to the point where its $2 daily could be made into a [...]