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If only our M$M had many more TV stars like Garrard MCClendon

Until I learned from a family victim of yet another tragic teen black on black crime that left an elderly couple dead, I didn’t know Chicagoland TV star Garrard McClendon existed. One of three shocked, bereaving sons of the Hammond Indiana couple, it turns out McClendon has a 3 ½ hour morning show Mon-Sat on [...]

Joe Wilson, Repugs and emotional intelligence (or lack thereof)

Joe Wilson’s political opponent Rob Miller in the 2008 election and facing him again in 2010 has so far raised $700,000 to defeat Wilson thanks to the “You lie!” outburst. Wilson has raised $200,000 as of Friday morning from those who support what he claims was an emotional outburst. The outburst may have been strictly [...]