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Get me a Bromide, and Put Some Gin In It

Last night I wrote at Firedoglake, with characteristic dismissiveness, about how poor little Ann Romney was sooooo hurt that someone pointed out, correctly, that she’d never worked a day in her life. Boo fucking hoo, and all that. But for the dead-enders of the Republican noise machine, no fainting spell is too fake to repeat [...]

The Charlotte Letter

I have no idea who Charlotte Allen is, other than a just another mentally challenged wingnut broad who is attempting to drink from Peggy Noonan’s cup before she spills it again, or perhaps fill Maggie Gallagher’s ample stretch pants, and as such is naturally awarded acres of space in formerly reputable newspapers like the LA [...]

who’s the worst cocktailhag in the world?

  UPDATE BELOW: NPR “Train wreck” Well, today it would be Rep. Jane Harman. That boozy, power-grabbing harridan, it seems, got so pissed off in late 2004 that she hurled a really big drink at rival Nancy Pelosi, who unfortunately ducked while John Kerry was left shame-facedly picking the broken glass, fruit, and parasols off [...]